BTS Members

Accessing the members area:

On joining the the society either via the BTS e-store or at one of the BTS events such as the Exhibition or the Lectures your membership will be processed  by the membership team

  • Processing times vary but may take up to 28 days. This is done as fast as possible .
  • The membership team will then send me your  your membership number. This allows me to add you to the membership area.
  • This may take a few days as they are usually processed in batches on Monday.
  • You will receive an email with you username and password. It should be noted that until you receive this you will not be able to access the members pages.
  • When logging in for the first time first log in please update your password to a unique and secure one
  • Should you lose or forget your password or experience logging in issues please contact Mark Pennell.
  • Once logged in you will have access to several back issues of the BTS Journal in PDF format


Mark Pennell

BTS webmaster