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The year end membership is approaching fast 31st May 2017, you will receive an renewal notice by email regardless of wether your renewed at the BTS Exhibition 2017 as the data bases are not linked directly. During this process you may receive a notice of password reset.

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Volume 31 number 3  is now available to  download. Log in to gain access to this issue

In addition we have just launched our 3rd fantastic newsletter this is available to download today! 

The latest edition of the brilliant BTS journal Volume 31 number 3 has hit the doormats and post boxes of our members. The digital members and members alike can download now in PDF format.

BTS Newsletter
We have just added the third  volume of the BTS Newsletter. This is the Covering the BTS Budapest Lecture event plus much more

We welcome your submissions for both the Journal and the Newsletter. Editor Michael Jacobi will decide which publication is best for your contribution. Please feel free to email him at michael.jacobi@thebts.co.uk.


As a BTS member you will have access to all of the back issues from your application date and three back issues in digital format, plus this fantastic newsletter
These are in PDF format and you may require a newer version of Acrobat reader  and you may have to update your PDF reader.

The new BTS chat room is not currently active for members, this will be updated in due course.


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